Saint Pol de Léon

The most picturesque of Breton towns

Saint Pol de Léon cathedral

Saint Pol de Léon possesses the charm of a port town, and is amongst the most picturesque towns in Brittany. It spreads out along the Finistère coast and some 13 kilometres of sandy beaches are revealed to its visitors. Although it has a remarkable historic and religious heritage to the greatest pleasure of those passionate for art and history, it also offers a multitude of seaside and water sports activities. This delights lovers of the sea and beaches. An incredible nature reserve is also visible, in the heart of the bay, home to a wide variety of sea birds. Saint Pol de Léon is known too for being the leading vegetable-growing area in Brittany, notably renowned for the production of cauliflowers and artichokes. Sampling regional cuisine, or visiting research centres or laboratories given over to agriculture, are other ways to enjoy its charm.

coach st pol de leon
sunset over the bay of Saint Pol de Léon
beach in Saint Pol de Léon © Alexandre Lamoureux
Saint Pol de Léon cathedral
Bikes and horse in the town centre of Saint Pol de Léon © Simon Bourcier