Monts d’Arrée mountains

Spectacular hikes

Solitary tree in the monts d\'arrée mountains

Located in the heart of the Armorican Massif (Massif Armoricain), the Monts d’Arrée mountains are akin to the “roof” of Brittany. Dotted with pines, rocky crests and lakes, they stretch over a surface area of 60,000 hectares, for which the summit, Roc’h Ruz, has an altitude of 385 metres. At this height, the winds often rage furiously, but do not frighten hiking and cycling lovers. Accessible by car, Mont Saint Michel de Brasparts offers, from an altitude of 381 metres, a 360° view over the Monts d’Arrée mountains. Below, you catch a glimpse of a vast stretch of marshes and peat bogs: the Yeun Elez (Ellez marshes) where the famous Youdig, the traditional name designating the gates of hell, is located...There is no doubt you have arrived in the Land of Legends!

monts d\'arree map
Monts d\'Arrée mountains from the air © Emmanuel Berthier
Saint Rivoal
Rock in Trevezel
Moulin à Huelgoat
Solitary tree in the monts d\'arrée mountains
Sun between the trees in Huelgoat